Reading coffee grounds & eggs … for beginners

I’ve always been interested in the act of reading coffee grounds, the foretelling of one’s place in the universe as it appears in the upturned grounds of one’s morning/afternoon/evening coffee. I’m sure there are “experts” in the field and that some of what follows will seem pretty silly, and some of this should be taken … Continue reading

NY Legislation Will Wipe Out “Gray Market” For Fine Wine

Proposed legislation in New York State will impose heavy restrictions on the sale of rare, collectable wines.  Bill No. A06884, introduced by the New York State Committee on Economic Development, will require restaurants and retail stores to purchase wine from a “primary source” – an authorized distributor who must be clearly identified, thereby eliminating the … Continue reading

Notes From A Sommelier’s Journal –

This is part of an ongoing series about my experiences as a sommelier in a four star restaurant somewhere in California. About two hours before my shift at S’Amuser, I realized that I was going to have to do something drastic. I had been racking Cabernet Sauvignon all day and my hands were stained deep … Continue reading

‘Twas the night before a gala SLH tasting …

It happens at least once during each tasting/event … the ahh-ha moment, when no matter what story any winemaker or marketing guru is spinning your way, you ‘get it’ … you understand the terroir and the people and the struggles they endure to make some of the finest and most sought after products in the … Continue reading

Sommelier’s Secrets to Blind Tasting …

We all wonder how sommeliers are able to blindly assess the qualities of a wine and arrive at the correct judgement. In all seriousness, the answers are right there in front of them, in the glass. During last weekend’s Fourth Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine event, three Master Sommeliers discussed the techniques involved in … Continue reading

Leojami Releases Four New Single-Vineyard Wines

We are very happy to announce the release of four new single-vineyard wines from Monterey County. Focusing on varieties and blends that are thought provoking and delicious, we have also created unique recipes for each new release – available exclusively at 2009 Viognier Our Viognier is hand-harvested from Cedar Lane Vineyard in Arroyo Seco, … Continue reading

Why Viognier?

Why Viognier ? Viognier is a hallmark of our winemaking program for a number of reasons. First, Viognier is a delicious white wine that is aromatic, flavorful, and pairs incredibly well with food. From seafood to white meats, cream sauces, tapas, and spicy foods, Viognier comes to the forefront of our own food pairings. Because … Continue reading

York School Annual Gala Fundraiser

Leojami is proud to be part of an upcoming silent auction fundraiser for The York School. The fundraiser will be held at the Pebble Beach and Tennis Club Sat, March 6, from 5:30pm – 9:00 pm. For more information, call The York School at 831.422.4299 or email