The 2009 vintage was a success in many ways for Leojami Wines. As early as September, and through fermentation, it appeared as though we had the conditions for a true vintage year. A vintage year = Good weather and growing conditions that produce great grapes and great wine.

The 2009 Viognier from Cedar Lane Vineyard in Arroyo Seco was picked on October 1. The grapes were whole-cluster pressed and fermented in neutral oak and stainless steel barrels. Over the next several months, they will undergo sur lie ageing. The resulting wine will retain its bright fruit character, elevated aromatics, and a rich palate.

The 2009 Grenache from Pierce Ranch Vineyards, in Southern Monterey County, was harvested on October 10. The grapes were gently de-stemmed into two fermenters, and went dry after 16 days. The wine is now in barrel, where it will remain for the next twelve months.

The more notable aspects of this vintage for me, as a winemaker, had a lot to do with the treasure chest of aromas produced by the fermenting musts. To me, this means a wine is healthy and happy, and that the grapes were grown with great care.

We are very happy to be making wine for the second consecutive year from Cedar Lane Vineyard – a sustainable vineyard in Arroyo Seco. The vineyard has sandy, rocky soils. Arroyo Seco is a cool, sunny climate. Now with grapes from Pierce Ranch Vineyards – planted on limestone and quartz soils – we look forward to making truly unique, terroir-driven wines that feature brilliant varietal character.


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